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Anger Management 101- Taming the Beast Within

Hello, my name is Ugo Uche, and I am the author of Anger Management 101- Taming the Beast Within. I am also a licensed psychotherapist based in Tucson AZ  and I have been counseling since 2001 and professionally since 2004. My specialty is anger management. 

When I set out write Anger Management 101, my goal was to bring a different approach to how anger management was being taught. That approach involves taking a preventative attitude towards managing anger. Rather than wait for a triggering incident to take place, a person can readily identify what beliefs he or she holds, which creates the triggers for poor anger management. Once these beliefs are identified, cognitive strategies are practiced to replace these beliefs with more flexible, reasonable and healthier beliefs.

Recently on Amazon.com, someone critiqued that the book was too short and read more like a Cliff notes. Well the reviewer is right, the book was purposefully written to be short. This is because the book was designed for people whose experiences with getting angry are costing them their marriages, their relationships with their children, family members and professional relationships.

The people who come to see me for anger management don't come for a college course, instead they come to obtain a fundamental understanding for why they get angry, with pragmatic solutions for resolving conflicts in their lives without ruining relationships. This is why Anger Management 101- Taming the Beast Within was written, a short read that addresses the psychology of anger with pragmatic solutions for the reader to begin practicing immediately.
Do you know that here in the state of Arizona, you can get arrested and charged with domestic violence for simply breaking your own property? This means that in a heated exchange, with someone you care about, or are related too, if you lose control of your emotions, you could end up spending the night in jail with additional monies to be spent on legal fees.

Regardless of whether you are struggling with personal relationships, or professional relationships, you can learn anger management techniques which can help you manage difficult emotions you experience from perceived disrespect and inconsideration from others and begin addressing the conflict without overacting or feeding into a desire for retaliation.

And that's why you are here. 

You see when someone disrespects you, it's a natural human reaction to experience the desire to put that person in his or her place. In the animal kingdom, it's how order is maintained. A spoiled Chihuahua left alone with a bigger dog will quickly learn how to get along with the bigger dog.

It doesn't work like that in the modern day world we live in. Every one is fair game for insults,  regardless of how you view yourself compared to others. People are intelligent and if they take a disliking to you for whatever reason, they already recognize their God given right to voice their thoughts. Sometimes those of us on the receiving end of those thoughts might find the words hurtful and uncalled for, and you know what? There's is nothing we can do about others expressing hurtful words to us, regardless of how true or false those words might be.

Consider this story;
Once a man and his ex wife got into a heated argument. They both got their communications with each other crossed and showed up at the same time to pick up their daughter from school. In a battle of words the ex wife revealed some embarrassing information about the man's alleged hygiene and bedroom habits in the presence of onlookers. He got so angry, he responded by slapping her across her face.

He didn't go home with his daughter that day, instead he spent the night in jail. Afterwards, in spite of the amount of money he had invested in his legal fees he ended up losing joint custody of his daughter for a year, while his visits with his child where supervised by a caseworker. It took him two years to regain  joint custody of his daughter.

This is what poor anger management in today's world does to our lives, it robs us of our dignity, our sanity, our wealth and our freedoms.

I don't care what any “tough guy” or “man's man” will tell you. The truth is that being a tough guy or woman in today’s culture is a hazard to your personal happiness.

Please don't get the wrong impression, this book isn't about how Anger Management is meant to turn you into a passive and spineless jellyfish. Quite the contrary- This book is about empowerment.

“Anger Management 101-Taming the Beast Within” contains anger management techniques for you to practice on a consistent basis, which will help you develop a more effective  and healthier attitude towards situations that would typically get you angry.

This book, is pretty much my therapeutic treatment plan for clients who struggle with poor anger management. No, it’s not designed to replace therapy but it is designed to help those people who would never consider stepping into a therapist's office, and others who are highly motivated and find self help books very useful.

I would now like to share with you some testimonials from some of my former clients, about my anger management techniques;

This book is a very good tool to diagnose your anger and to be proactive to events that leads to your triggers. The book is informative and up to date as well as the examples featured . The stories in the book are ways to get the concepts quickly and easy to remember them later. I like this book a lot for the effectiveness and smoothness of reading. This is a book I wish had earlier in my life and would recommend it to anyone.
I would like to be contacted when you are ready to do a revision of your book ."
-Former Client

"A + B = C. Ugo you are a genius and your words helped me save my career. Whenever I feel hurt by the words and actions of my supervisor and some co workers, I think about what you taught me. Can you believe it? My relationship with these people have changed for the better! Thanks."-Former Client

"After my divorce, I was so angry and bitter. I realized I needed to talk to someone because my bitterness had started to affect my relationship with my kids. My daughter didn't even want to see me anymore, even though she acknowledged that I was not at fault in the divorce. At first I was skeptical, but once I started exploring my beliefs, I came to realize that I was responsible for my actions, my thoughts and what I choose to believe. How foolish I felt when I came to realize that I had been punishing myself for the actions of my ex wife. Today I truly feel like a free man, I have moved on, I now have a better relationship with the mother of my children and most importantly, with my children. Thanks Ugo, I wish you the best with your book." -Former client

"I only contacted Ugo because I was mandated to attend anger management classes. He explained to me that he only provided therapy for anger management, and I didn’t care, so long as my PO was okay with it. These techniques work! When I deal with the same old stuff from people, I feel like a weight’s been lifted of my shoulders. People are gonna do what their gonna do." -Former client

"Ugo's techniques work. Last school year my son had several issues with bullies at school. By summer time he was very depressed and had started to think about suicide. He began seeing Ugo in June and school started up again in August. My son used the techniques that Ugo writes about in his book and they worked. Not only is my son no longer taunted by the kids at school but some of those same bullies have become his friends. My son is now in a very good place mentally and emotionally thanks to Ugo and the the techniques he taught my son. Thank you Ugo for all that you have done" -Happy Dad.

"My son and I now have the type of relationship I had always hoped for but never thought could happen. He also started college last fall and he's doing well! Thanks Ugo!" -Jean

"It’s all about acceptance. Which is easier said than done. These techniques Ugo writes about, breaks down the process and you know exactly what you need to practice on, and you can track your process". -Former client.

Consider this quote;

“I expect you to think and behave in a certain way. If you don’t think and behave in this certain way, I shall punish myself, by becoming hurt and upset, and I will stay this way until you change.” -Anonymous.

The humor in this quote is that we have all be there at some point of time in our lives. Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to maintain a peace of mind, regardless of what people did?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your personal happiness wasn’t dependent on how others treated you?

Wouldn't it be nice if you learned to become more emotionally resilient to things not going your way?

It all boils down to what you believe, and in our society there are a number of beliefs that are popularly endorsed by mainstream culture that are irrational and set people up for a collision course with things not going their way.

The time has come for you to liberate yourself.
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